Support Services

Every business, whatever the size, requires IT support to some degree. There are many IT companies offering similar services, however at Workflow Solutions we provide a more tailored support selection to suit your business.




IT Consultancy



Effective Engineering

Workflow Solutions’ support team comprises of trained engineers, who are confident, not only to solve the IT issue at hand, but also to prevent its reoccurrence. With unwanted distractions eliminated, your workforce can continue to do what they do best.

Support Services

Our support services will make your day-to-day working life easier. With a Support Contract comes unlimited remote connection, which means an engineer can take control of your PC at the click of a mouse, and rectify an array of issues promptly.

Help desk

Our Help Desk is primarily for our customers to log any IT issues either over the phone or via our online portal. An engineer is immediately assigned and appropriate action is taken. The Help Desk is manned Monday - Friday from 9am to 5:30pm (Out of office hours contact can be made).

Remote support

Once a support ticket has been raised, a remote assessment is generally made. More often than not, the problem can be fixed within minutes by the engineer, who connects to the PC remotely from the Workflow Solutions office. This allows the user to continue working with minimal disruption.

On-Site support

On-site support would be the next step if the client's IT issue was more complex or hardware related, and could not be resolved during a remote connection to the PC. To lessen downtime, on-site visits are arranged promptly, and if possible, on the same day the issue arose.


Regular maintenance will aid in the smooth running of your business IT systems, making equipment less likely to break down or fail, whilst maintaining higher processing speeds. As well as basic housekeeping maintenance involving archiving or deleting of unwanted data and emails, it is imperative that security related IT maintenance is carried out. With our ethos of 'prevention rather than cure' carrying out a health check on frequently used equipment is highly recommended.

Health checks

During a Health check un-wanted programs and data are removed, software is updated and a physical clean of the machine is completed.

Server monitoring

Monitoring server performance along with available space is essential for maximising business efficiency.

Data wiping

Secure disposal of sensitive information is vital for the protection of your business. We always adhere to this protocol.


Identifying where you are most vulnerable and applying the appropriate protection, for instance, a firewall, anti-virus or email encryption.


A fully functioning network set-up enables the devices within your company to communicate with one another, and also allows access to other networks, for instance, the Internet.

Networking switches

Offering high-speed data transfer, enabling data to be communicated through the local network and connecting devices together .

Cabling management

Cables for a job are selected by colour coding for easy future identification. Once cables are installed they are tidied for safety and presentation.

Router management

The gateway device for interconnected networks. We configure routers to improve security and use features which keep your network safe from intrusion.

Network security

Responding to potential threats and difficulties, we reduce time consuming issues with secured access for your business’s protection.

IT Consultancy

We will happily discuss IT plans you have for your business over the telephone, however, to get a full understanding of your technology needs plus your office layout, a senior engineer will visit your premises. He could then assess which equipment would suit you best. After discussing your needs with regards to PC user numbers, required mailboxes etc. a plan will be drawn up of a recommended IT setup, obviously bearing budgets in mind.

IT infrastructure

All the components that play a part in your company's overall IT operation are considered, and the most effective solutions put forward.

Installations & upgrades

With your business in mind, we make sure that upgrades and new technologies that become available, are made known to you.


It is often worth considering additional equipment to enhance your business, for instance, a large format printer, projector or even CCTV for surveillance.


Safeguarding your business is paramount. By having an adequate Recovery Set-up in place, you know your valuable data can be restored, which leaves your company less vulnerable should the worst happen.

Data recovery

If an employee accidentally delete files, or maybe a hard drive fails or becomes corrupt, we have the capability to recover the data. You can remain safe in the knowledge that your data is retrievable.

Disaster recovery

Should you fall victim to a disaster such as a flood or a fire etc, you can be assured that your data is safe in our off-site facility. We can have your business up and running again within hours.

Ransomeware protection

Unfortunately, the use of ransomware is on the rise. Avoid paying the price of not being protected, as a Recovery Set-up in place means you would not need to pay the perpetrator to unlock your files.

Hardware failure

Equipment can fail because it has developed a fault or it may simply have reached the end of its life. We can assess whether or not a repair is cost-effective or advise if new hardware is required.


If a repair of the hardware is deemed to be feasible, the work can be carried out either at your workplace, or if more convenient for you, at our Dartford workshop.

PAT Testing

Our engineers are now able to carry out portable appliance testing. This is to ensure your electrical equipment is safe to use, and up to standard. We also supply you with a record of the tested items, a certificate, and pass/fail stickers.

Parts supply

Sometimes just a component is needed when a fault develops, but sometimes it makes more sense to replace the entire unit. Either way, we can source the goods and install them for you