Hosting Services

Hosting services are tailored to your business needs. Our hosting team will work closely with you to ensure the most apt solutions are established. We deliver managed and monitored services.

Web hosting




Data Centre

“To provide maximum physical security the data centre is located within a ring-fenced site featuring electric gates, CCTV and 24/7 on-site security team.”

“True diverse feeds via completely diverse power distribution paths via separate batteries, UPS’s and generators, provide resilience with 100% uptime record.”

Web Hosting

All companies, from the very largest to the very smallest, need to sort out hosting if a website is required. There is no shortage of options and it can be difficult to know where to start, but we can help you make a more informed decision about your site.

Your Website

We provide the technologies and hosting services needed for your company website to be accessible via the World Wide Web. We can also advise on extras, for instance, SSL certificates for the protection of data which is often users’ information.

Domain Registration

You will need a domain name as well as hosting if you want to run a website. We can help you to find your perfect domain name, and then sort out the necessary registration of the domain and subsequent licence renewal.

Email Hosting

Nowadays, the majority of businesses are reliant on email for communication, so it is important to have professional email hosting in place. Promote your business with email addresses which match your domain name.

Hosted Servers

Our UK-based server hosting options provide secure access and flexibility. Whatever your requirements, whether it be a mail server, remote office and application servers or file sharing, we will be able to provide a solution with 99.9% continuous connectivity.

Physical servers

A physical server offers high performance speeds even with the heaviest of workloads to deal with. Being dedicated entirely to your business, and with enhanced security, this could be the ideal choice for high usage companies.

Virtual servers

A virtual server is in many ways functionally equivalent to a dedicated physical server, but being software defined it is often less time consuming to create, therefore a shorter lead time is the norm. A virtual server can also prove to be a budget-friendly option.

Server maintenance

Whatever your server type, for instance a mail server, rest assured that all come with a full support package. This means the server will be regularly updated and maintained, ensuring your business operates smoothly and problems can be addressed.

Disaster recovery

This is a highly popular service that gives you the opportunity to easily regain data which has been lost. The reason for the data loss could be anything from a simple theft to environmental disasters, for instance, a flood within your premises.


We take your security and the security of your clients seriously. Hosting security is of the utmost importance to a site owner for the prevention of lost revenue and data as a result of cyber-attacks or malfunctions. Security is a multi-layered discipline and we can instigate measure to reduce the risks.

Server Protection

The server is crucial to any business, any disruption to your server will have a knock-on effect to your desktop PCs. To limit these potential disruptions, we can deliver advanced server protection, thus preventing unauthorised access, cyber-attacks and many more threats.

Email security

Software and technologies need to be implemented to ensure sensitive information is secure within your company’s email accounts. Proactive email security measures include anti-spam and anti-virus applications and access control mechanisms on a mail server.

Cyber security

Cyber criminals are becoming more and more inventive in their quest to cause chaos and extortion. To significantly reduce the impact of a cyber-attack including a DoS or a DDoS, we can apply advanced firewalling and network routing.

Ransomware protection

Having effective back-up and disaster recovery in place will give you the ability to recover following a ransomware attack, should you be unfortunate enough to fall victim. With the knowledge that you can recover your files via the back-ups, you do not need to contemplate paying a ransom demand.


If you are considering an upgrade of your company’s communication system it is worth considering IP telephony or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). We can talk you through the pros and cons and assist with the set up.

IP telephony

An IP telephony system can be used to replace a traditional phone system in your workplace, either at a single location or across a private network to other locations. IP telephony can utilize your existing data network, thus eliminating the need for additional phone lines.


Although the initial outlay may be higher, subsequent call costs are generally very low and sometimes even free. Enhanced applications are available including ‘Skype for Business’ for video conferencing calls etc.