Business Packages

As we can provide assistance across the whole gamut of IT services, we are best placed to offer business packages which are custom-made to suit your requirements, comprising of elements specifically beneficial to your company. With more services combined within a package, the more cost-effective it is.

Comprehensive Business Support

Comprehensive Cyber Support

Bespoke Development

Web & Email Hosting

Web Design

Web Support

Strategic Planning

Our business packages evolved from the need to incorporate multiple elements to provide a well-rounded service, and have become increasingly popular with our customers. The knowledge that you have extensive cover within a specific IT area allows you peace of mind.

Comprehensive Business Support

Have you often thought how much more your team could do if they had instant access to your own IT department? This is no longer a privilege reserved for large companies. Any size business can now achieve this with a Comprehensive Business Support package from Workflow Solutions.

Remote support

Our engineer will set up a connection to your PC allowing him to diagnose and hopefully resolve your issue, without the necessity for an on-site visit.

Parts cover

When this option is chosen, faulty parts are replaced at no extra charge. The parts can be fitted on-site or sometimes, if applicable, in our workshop.

Health checks

A full PC health check reduces the risk of untimely breakdowns and keeps your PC running at full speed. These are done regularly for CBS customers.

Server admin

Daily checks to manage and monitor the performance of your company’s servers, ensuring smooth and reliable operation at all times.

On-site support

When an issue cannot be resolved remotely, an engineer will attend on-site, and mostly a fix is carried out on the first visit.

Online Incident Tracker

As a contract customer you will have a logon to our Online Incident Tracker, allowing you to raise a support ticket easily and check the progress of an on-going job.

Comprehensive Cyber Support

With Attackers becoming more and more resourceful in their attempts to gain access to your critical infrastructure, never has it been so important to make sure your systems are secure, routinely monitored and that your user base is educated in what to look for. Thats why we have created a tiered service that covers any and all of your businesses cyber security needs.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Workflow Managed Firewall Appliance
2FA Implementation/Support
Authorised Device Filtering
User Education
Phishing Attack Simulation & Reporting
Authorised USB Device Filtering
Breach Reports
Password Policies
Geo Fencing
Refresher Course (up to 4 per year)
Network Segmentation & Security
Domain Spoofing Phishing Attacks
Penetration Testing
Social Engineering Simulation
Periodic Website & Domain Security checking
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Bespoke Development

There are many good off-the-shelf products available, but if you need more complex functionality, then we offer bespoke development. We can construct a design specifically to help with any task carried out within your business, therefore increasing productivity. The best thing about bespoke development is that you will end up with a solution to problems you haven’t even thought of yet.


Security is uppermost on our list of priorities when developing software, so the latest upgrades are always applied


Increase the lifetime value of your software with in-built scalability, so if your company demands increase the software can adapt.

User friendly

Have a product designed which can be easily used by your staff and simplifies the tasks performed by them.

Device agnostic

Applications are usually designed to work on all devices irrespective of platform and size, so it will look the same, regardless of the implement.

Web & Email Hosting

Every business needs to communicate efficiently with their existing customers, and also with potential customers. Our web hosting packages provide secure email hosting, website hosting and domain name registration.

Anti virus

Ensuring incoming and outgoing emails are checked for malicious content.

Web & Email forwarding

Both web and email traffic can be forwarded to an alternative address.


Each package generously comes with unlimited mailbox space.


All packages include 2 MySQL databases, other databases are available if required

Unlimited web space

There is no limit to the amount of storage your website uses.

Spam filter

Help keep mailboxes free of unwanted spam and phishing emails.

Web Design

All businesses need a web presence, as there is a whole generation who go there first. Each element of the web design is as important as the next. Having a visually stunning website is pointless if it cannot be navigated easily.


Expand the visibility of your website, so when a search engine returns its search results your site is placed well in the listing.

Social media

Integrate social media platforms with your website to increase brand awareness and keep customers engaged online.


Our websites are designed to deliver a favourable user experience, for both returning and new customers.

Monitor visitors

By using analytics to track your website visitors, useful information can be obtained and used for future marketing promotions.

Responsive design

Your audience use different devices, including smartphones and tablets. With a responsive design your website can be viewed by all.

Cross browser support

Not only are different devices used, but also different browsers are favoured. Have your website work in the same effective way on any browser.

Web Support


This is the ideal choice for those who have a smaller, static website. Our Silver Web Support contract covers the work needed for new browser releases, plus two incidents a month for any errors or updates that arise.


For larger, dynamic websites we recommend our Gold package, as this includes unlimited incidents as well as 20% off all adhoc work. This package offers flexibility with regards to the upkeep of your website.