COVID-19 UPDATE – We’re still here to help you

Based on latest government advice, and to protect our customers and colleagues, we’ve temporarily stopped non-emergency visits on site.

Remote Working

1st Line / 2nd Line of Support (Remote) still continue as normal. We have done the preparations for our colleagues to work from home, just like they would in the office.


If equipment or devices have failed, we will arrange a collection of the device, this will need to be wiped down & arrange with an engineer in a controlled environment.

On-Site Visits

We have limited the on-site visits to emergency only, unless a controlled environment has been set.

Health Checks

We have stopped all on-site checks until advised safe to do so by the Government.

Office Opening Times

We have slightly modified the opening times due to the skeleton crew.
Monday = Normal
Tuesday = Normal
Wednesday = 10am – 5:30pm
Thursday = Normal
Friday = 10am - 5:30pm

Of course, Support is available from 9am every day.

Deliveries of new goods

Due to this current time, if we need to order parts or have quoted parts, there could be a delay on parts.

Extra Precautions taken from our Engineers & in-House staff
- Gloves to be worn on-site at all times.
- Social distancing with everyone on-site.
- Skeleton crew in office to keep colleagues safe.
- Deep cleaning daily